Hollywood crew films movie at the Plymouth Trial Court

Hollywood Warns Gays: Careful What You Wish For (WATCH)


fan ever, was jealous until she got her own glimpse of the star. Bortoluzzi learned her favorite actor would be in town just before leaving the Carolinas to visit her aunt and uncle, Jay and Jane Feeney of Plymouth. When my mom told me I was running around the house screaming. I just love his story, how he crashed and burned and then became this amazing celebrity. Hes an amazing actor and hes cute, Bortoluzzi said, showing off an image of Downey she uses as the wallpaper on her iPhone. Conversation in the parking lot while waiting for star sightings inevitably turned to the failed plans to construct a local studio, Hollywood East.
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How Hollywood bowed to Hitler: Film studios showed Nazi Germany in positive light historian claims

He said coming out to his wife was one of the most difficult things he’s ever done. “To know that as a gay man I can get married again I’m happy,” Barnes said. “When I find that person, maybe this time it will stick.
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Movie critic: Historian Ben Urwand has researched the reach of Nazi influence on Hollywood before the war Protest: Goebbels ordered Germans to disrupt screenings of the film All Quiet on the Western Front, above MGM also invested in German rearmament to get around currency export restrictions, the historian said. Urwand believes that filmmakers not only wanted to continue working during the build up to the war, they also thought Hitler may win the war and wanted to safeguard the future of their businesses. MGM, Paramount and 20th-Century Fox did not leave Germany until mid-1940. But even after Hollywood started making anti-Nazi films, it continued to erase reference to the Jews because studio chiefs, including Jewish refugees, wanted to ‘avoid special pleading on their behalf’. Urwand said studio bosses could not claim ignorance of the atrocities being carried out against the Jews because they had been forced to fire Jewish employees.
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West Hollywood celebrates high court’s rulings on gay marriage

Like those other movies in the grand Hollywood tradition of matrimony, Between Us arguably makes the case that heterosexual marriage ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. The movie follows young, idealistic New Yorkers (Stiles and Diggs) as they visit their wealthier and longer-married friends in a ritzy Midwestern mansion. But money barely disguises the contempt behind the wealthy couple’s marriage, and we quickly see it fractured to the point of disintegration. As the film flashes forward a couple years, we now see that the Midwestern couple has repaired their marriage (made possible only by a painful accident), while the young idealists struggle under a mountain of college debt and the stresses of having a newborn in Manhattan. In short, the movie could well be seen as a cautionary tale against marriage — no matter which genders are involved.
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Liberal media attacks RNC for not worshiping Hollywood

To judge the celebrities as the real stars is like confusing a puppet for a man, a kid playing Guitar Hero for Eric Clapton or B.B. King. Judging by the room, nobody reading a script for a living would have commanded as much star power as Cheney did.  People who cast votes based on anything Katy Perry or any Kardashian ever has to say are poster kids for the dumbing down of America. Thankfully there is not  a single poll in a poll-obsessed nation reflecting this as a significant problem. The GOP is absolutely right not to obsess over catering to he lowest common denominator. While Hollywood celebrities are busy ridding the world of moral standards and decency, Cheney was busy helping to rid the world of Saddam Hussein.
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